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    The Godfather of Rooster Teeth and pioneer of the Internet age, Burnie Burns joins us for some retrospectives of the past and glimpses of the future! ┬áPlus a couple of Glib Shark exclusives you won’t hear anywhere else!

    TWIG: The RT Community Edition
    bi_pagan Gaming For Her Mom -…
    RT Ireland -
    Luke McKay taking commissions again -

    2 hours of people yelling at Burnie
    When are we getting Strangerhood Season 2?!
    Rooster Teamspeak
    Refresh of the site
    Nathan, gone on to Sundance - Kumiko the Treasure Hunter -
    Joe the Cat
    Season 12 RvB
    Matt the CEO
    Time Warner, Netflix, and Net Neutrality
    "There’s no shame in selling out, the shame is selling out for too little." - Ed Robertson
    Game Time with Burnie
    Quick Draw
    Longer format shows? Ohhhh a full length feature!
    RT Kickstarter!
    Day 5 in production!
    RTX - Moving signing areas, more coordination
    PAX Panel…all Gen 2!
    Hey Ash, Whatcha Playing?
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Lego Marvel
    Man of Steel
    Please comic book movies keep being good!
    YouTube numbers
    Community content versus IP and copyright
    RT Philly
    Why is Burnie Burns a monster?
    Why is Burnie Burns an awesome person?
    Follow on TWITTER: @burnie and @roosterteeth

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